Experience the thrill of solving crimes with your sharp reasoning with Stumped - a logic puzzle game. You will play the role of a talented detective and try to solve the most tricky cases. The plot is about an unexpected call to a detective about a tree being cut down. The story would be nothing if this were not the habitat of many creatures. Your mission is to find out who committed this condemnable act and bring them to justice.

The adventure of investigating clues in the giant tree begins with in-depth exploration activities. You need to navigate the character to move through complex turns in the tree trunk to investigate the case. Grasp everything, especially the warning text, to gather clues. Besides, the lovely animals living in this world are also trying to provide support for the detective. Or, they will warn you of a potential danger to avoid. Don't miss any corners, because clues can appear everywhere. Are you ready to return justice to the lovely inhabitants of the tree trunk?

How To Play

You use the arrow keys or WASD to control the detective in Stumped. When you come into contact with an animal, that creature will light up, and you can press the Z key to communicate with them. In case you need detailed assistance, you can click on the question mark icon in the upper left corner and activate the directions feature.

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