Summer Dodge

Summer Dodge

Summer Dodge is a survival game in a small but harsh world. The exciting experience of this game is created by non-stop drama, always putting you in a state of tension every time you play. You will play the role of a small alien, lost in a dangerous environment. Every moment is fraught with danger, from suddenly falling cubes to gears protruding from the ground and even cunning rats. Everything is threatening your life, and just a small collision can end the game.

Luckily, your character is not just an ordinary alien. You can navigate the main entity to move flexibly, jumping to avoid obstacles that are protruding from all directions. At the same time, try to collect diamonds, increasing your appeal and score. Every step brings a sense of drama and suspense, making the gaming experience unforgettable. Prepare yourself and be ready to face all the challenges in Summer Dodge!

How To Play

You use the left and right arrows to direct the movement of the little alien, and you press the up arrow key to jump up. Falling cubes will not have a warning, so you need to monitor the top of the main screen to detect and avoid them. Conversely, underground hazards will be alerted at the point of occurrence.

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