Super Scratch Bros

Super Scratch Bros

Show off your exceptional fighting skills with Super Scratch Bros! Meet a colorful cast of characters (that are definitely not based on popular game characters), pick your opponent, and get ready for the most intense fights ever!

Super Scratch Bros is an extremely enjoyable fighting game created by Hobson-TV. The game draws inspiration from Super Smash Bros. along with its characters. It features nine different stages, but there is always an option to pick one randomly. Don’t forget to check the background story of each character for a good laugh!

How To Play

  • Control the character with the arrow keys.
  • Press the Z key to select or attack. Combine this key with the arrow keys to perform different attack moves.
  • Press the X key to go back or use the shield. Combine this key with the down arrow key to taunt the opponent.
  • Press the combination of the Z and X keys for a special attack.
  • Pause the game with the spacebar.

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