Start your puzzle game with a unique version of Tetris: Tetris Scratch Edition by chipm0nk! This game is the perfect combination of classic Tetris and creativity, which will immerse you in a world of colorful blocks and endless challenges. In this game, you will arrange blocks into an available grid so that the blocks match each other and form a horizontal row. Blocks can be rotated 360 degrees when you press the up arrow. The filled horizontal lines will disappear, and you will receive the corresponding number of points. It will be even better if you create consecutive rows; your score will be greatly multiplied. You can see the next 4 blocks that will fall to have a strategy to create bonus rows. The leaderboard can contain up to 40 player names and scores. Random Bag Piece System with 14 shapes, improved graphics, and an impressive main menu screen. Are you ready for this colorful and geometric experience? Start the puzzle now!

How To Play

  • Use [Left] and [Right] or [A] and [D] to move and control your block.
  • Press [Up Arrow] or [W] to rotate your puzzle clockwise.
  • Press [Down Arrow] or [S] to quickly place the block down.
  • Create rows without gaps to accumulate points.
  • Avoid stacking blocks too high!


  • 1 row = 40 points
  • 2 rows = 100 points.
  • 3 rows = 300 points.
  • 4 rows = 1200 points.

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