The Kingdom of Nor

The Kingdom of Nor

The Kingdom of Nor is a fantasy game that combines platforming and role-playing. This fun game was created by chipm0nk. In this game, you will embark on a magical and mysterious adventure journey in the deep forest with the two main characters. At the beginning of the game, you are stuck in a very deep cave. The cave can be very cold; bring a warm coat to protect your character from the cold wind. The wizard can keep magical crystals in mountaintop houses. Let's search to discover the power behind them. Cloudy paths can lead you to unexpected support. Explore and experience new things on your adventure. Take a closer look, as some bags may hold more than you think. In this rich and mysterious world, you will experience exciting adventures and endless discoveries.

The Kingdom of Nor is not just a game, but an adventure that takes you into a strange new world with many secrets and discoveries awaiting. This game promises to take you to beautiful and mysterious worlds with amazing visuals, engaging stories, and strategic challenges. Will you become a great explorer in this world or a discoverer of secrets? Explore and experience the Kingdom of Nor today!

How To Play

  • Use [Arrow Keys] or [WASD] to move your character in the expanded world of The Kingdom of Nor.
  • Press [Z] to interact with elements in the environment.
  • Use [E] to open and close your inventory.
  • Tap on the portals to be transported to different parts of the level.

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