Undertale: Floral Fatality

Undertale: Floral Fatality

Undertale: Floral Fatality is the ultimate challenge to your lightning reflexes. You won't be able to find such unique obstacle course gameplay. The thrill in every move will keep you immersed for hours, trying to conquer. Prepare for a journey full of adventure and challenge as you face the most complex obstacles.

A skeleton-like character and a strange flower will greet you upon entering this harsh virtual world. If you are not aware of the danger, carefully follow up on the rule. You will control a red heart moving around a black box. That's right, the main entity can only move within this limited range. Your task is to avoid all the white objects. Actually, you will not know what they are or what positions they can move into. These confusing hurdles can make you impatient with their dizzying twists and turns. But don't give up so easily! Anyway, practicing many times will make progress and bring more impressive results.

How To Play

Each round in Undertale: Floral Fatality has "waves" of fierce attacks. To navigate, use the arrow keys to keep your heart safe. Operate the key flexibly so that the main object can quickly go to another position when the obstacle moves in an unpredictable direction. Even a small collision can cause the round to end, so be careful.

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