Zombie Survivor Fight

Zombie Survivor Fight

Zombie Survivor Fight opens a powerful journey of survival to escape the threat of enemies and dangerous areas. Every scenario imaginable is for adventurous gamers who love a real challenge. Thrive in a combat world full of rival stickmen invading the area. Can you evade the onslaught of your opponents and successfully escape the traps? Start playing and role-playing now.

A challenging adventure game

The character jumps over locations and moves forward. Threats are always lurking and require extreme vigilance. Sensitively detect the location of traps and attacking monsters. Jump across locations and confront threats head-on.

How To Play

Pitfalls are diverse and can appear at any time. Vigilance and good reflexes will be the keys to getting you out of danger. Fight your opponents to survive and explore this maze of traps. Move the character around to shoot accurately at opponents. The number of enemy troops is large, requiring your strategic and shooting skills to be sharp.

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