Agent One

Agent One

Agent One is an exciting action-packed game that offers thrilling features and unique levels. The game was created by AsterixDavid from Scratch. With over 9000 blocks to explore, you'll encounter three distinct and captivating levels: Night City, Desert, and Lava.

Your objective in Agent One is to complete the three unique missions to unlock valuable coins. Use these coins to purchase cool skins and powerful upgrades from the shop, enhancing your abilities and style. 

How To Play

Defeat the enemies that stand in your way by either shooting them or jumping on them. However, be aware that not all enemy types can be defeated in the same way. For more information and strategies, check the "Help" section.

Can you conquer all enemy types, including the red, yellow, and green ones? Use the arrow keys, WASD to navigate through the game. To shoot, simply tap the designated button or press the Space key. Good luck!


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