Ball Blast

Ball Blast

Challenge your quick reflexes with Ball Blast, a simple yet insanely addictive game! Take control of a cannon and shoot the numbered balls until they reach zero in number! Avoid being hit by the balls, collect coins to upgrade the cannon, and try your best to survive for as long as possible!

Ball Blast is a creation of AnimationsScratch and is based on a game of the same name. However, this Scratch game introduces the upgrade system for the cannon, making it much more enjoyable to play. In addition, each level of the game requires players to survive through waves of falling balls. When a large ball explodes, smaller balls will spawn from it, making it harder for players to avoid the falling balls. Despite its simple control, it is no easy task to take down all the balls before they hit you inevitably!

How To Play

  • Control the cannon by dragging it with your left mouse button.

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