Not Quite Ball Physics

Not Quite Ball Physics

Go on an adventure with a little ball in Not Quite Ball Physics! Take control of the ball and lead it through a series of curvy tracks; collect all the purple dots; and reach the portal to progress to the next level!

Not Quite Ball Physics is a simple yet enjoyable game created by Griffpatch. The controls of the game are also extremely simple; nevertheless, the game can be quite challenging at times. You can only control which direction the ball rolls, and gravity will do the rest! Expect to roll through a series of loops or ramps that launch your ball to the next track. Don’t forget to collect all the dots and complete the 22 levels!

How To Play

  • Control the ball with the left and right arrow keys.
  • Reset the level with the R key.
  • Go to the last or next level with the 9 and 0 keys, respectively.
  • Pause the game with the P key.


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