The Backstory of Appel: Micro Manager has gained the ultimate power of the golden apples, giving him control over the Appelmoeshapje planet. However, Micro Manager's growing influence has caused the planet, including its inhabitants, to turn against him. Therefore, help Appel overcome dangerous obstacles and collect as many golden apples as you can before his final battle with Micro Manager to restore peace to the planet.

Appel is an interesting game developed by Griffpatch from Scratch. Basically, you control Appel, the main character of the game, to avoid dangerous obstacles along the way, such as spikes and strange creatures, while collecting the golden apples. There will be flags at specific points in your journey, and they are important for your progress. If you fail, you don't have to start over from the beginning; instead, you have the chance to retry from the point where the flag is.

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys or WASD to run, jump, and crouch.
  • Do a wall jump by touching a wall and pressing the 'up' key.
  • Jump higher by holding the 'up' key for a longer duration.
  • To stick to the ceiling, hold the 'up' key. However, you won't be able to move sideways once you are 'stuck' to a surface.
  • Crouch by holding the 'down' key. You can crouch not only on the floor but also on the walls and ceiling. How great is that?
  • Press Q + R together to quickly restart the level.
  • Once you complete a level, click 'replay' and then pause to find an option to save your replay. You can load these replays back in the Play/Load option.


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