The Ninja

The Ninja

Are you interested in becoming a ninja and using awesome weapons? Then you absolutely have to try out The Ninja, a super cool game created by Will_Wam from Scratch. It's the first part of The Ninja series and loved by many players. You don't want to miss it! As the name suggests, The Ninja is all about ninjas. In the game, you get to be a ninja and face challenges while collecting different weapons. At the start, you'll have the shuriken and you need to aim it at targets that appear randomly to move to the next platform.

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys to move your ninja.
  • Press the spacebar to throw ninja stars and use your sword.
  • If you unlock more weapons, press 'Z' to switch between them.
  • Watch out for other ninjas, piranha fish, and holes. Avoid them to stay safe.


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