The Ninja 4

The Ninja 4

Get ready for action-packed moments with The Ninja 4! In this game, players take on the role of a red ninja, who is on his quest to hone his ninja skills! Take on other enemies like ninjas and piranhas, solve puzzles to progress, and prove your might as the best ninja to ever exist!

The Ninja 4 is the fourth installment of The Ninja games made by Will_Wam. The game features a series of cleverly made levels and gradually introduces players to different tools of the ninja. At first, players will receive shurikens, which can be used to solve puzzles or defeat enemies. Afterwards, players will acquire other objects such as a katana, which can deflect the enemy’s shuriken; grapple hooks to move from one place to the next; and a bow with limited arrows! 

How To Play

  • Control the red ninja with the WASD or arrow keys.
  • Use weapons or items with the spacebar.
  • Press the Z or M keys to switch weapons or items.
  • Restart the level with the R key.
  • Skip a level with the O key and go back to it later with the P key.

The Ninja series

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