The Ninja 5

The Ninja 5

Do you want to become a ninja? Do you want to use a variety of weapons? Then you must try out The Ninja 5, a super-duper cool game by Will_Wam from Scratch. This game is the fifth installment of The Ninja series, which is favored by many players and is not to be missed. As the game title suggests, The Ninja 5 is all about ninjas. Players take on the role of a ninja who uses their skills to overcome challenges while collecting weapons. Beware of your enemies as they will attack you with dangerous weapons. There are many types of weapons in this game. Initially, you will only have the chance to collect and use the shuriken.

How To Play

The controls in The Ninja 5 are quite simple: use the arrow keys or WASD to move, Z/M to switch weapons, and X/N to throw explosives. Start playing now and defeat all enemies who want to block your path to victory.


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