Bouncy Ninja 2

Bouncy Ninja 2

Prepare for some high-flying, bouncy ninja action in Bouncy Ninja 2, created by Will_Wam from Scratch! As a bouncy ninja, you'll be equipped with new and exciting weapons, including a boomerang and flaming arrows, to take on your enemies. Get ready to showcase your ninja skills and agility!

How To Play

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move from side to side, evading enemy attacks while maintaining your bouncy momentum. Press the Spacebar to unleash your weapon and take out as many enemies as you can. Remember, you'll keep bouncing indefinitely because you're a bouncy ninja!


  • Shurikens: Take down ninjas on grappling hooks by launching backward-moving shurikens. Aim straight near the ground to eliminate multiple blue ninjas at once.
  • Katana: Focus on defeating the strongest ninjas first, and don't worry too much about flipping around. Reflect their attacks whenever possible to gain the upper hand.
  • Throwing Knives: Position yourself at the edge of the screen and unleash a spread of knives. Watch as they take out numerous ninjas with a single shot.
  • Boomerang: Keep your attention on the ninjas that are attacking you. Take them out swiftly to avoid getting hit.
  • Flaming Arrows: Ignite fires on the far left and right sides of the ground. The flames will engulf ninjas and significantly boost your score. Once that's done, concentrate on dealing with the grappling ninjas.

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