Epic Ninja

Epic Ninja

Get ready for an action-packed adventure in Epic Ninja! This thrilling game, developed by Griffpatch from Scratch, allows you to fight your way through levels by defeating enemy ninjas and collecting 33 delicious fruits. Your enemies will attack you with dangerous weapons, so make sure to avoid them at all costs. You will have 10 lives, and once you fail, you can continue playing with a new life. However, if you run out of all 10 lives, you have to start all over again. Remember, you can also fight back by using your weapon, so get ready to kick some butt!

How To Play

To control your ninja, use the AD keys or the left and right arrow keys to move. Press W or the up arrow key to jump, and use S or the down arrow key to crouch. When it's time to strike, press H or the spacebar to unleash powerful attacks.


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