Block Team Deathmatch

Block Team Deathmatch

It is time to show off your strategic thinking skills as you fight alongside your teammates in the Block Team Deathmatch environment. As a first-person shooter, experience the true tension of gunfights. Pixel graphics create everything from scenes to characters, weapons, environments, and even particle effects. The combat environment is unique and captivating.

Many attractive modes

  • Team Mode: Enjoy the 4v4 team-play experience. Requires excellent coordination with strategic movement. Win against your opponents and become the first team to reach 10 kills.
  • Individual Mode: Practice moving, aiming, and hitting the target more easily. All players have easy access and experience. The more opponents you eliminate, the higher the winning rate.
  • Sniper Mode: This mode really requires excellent player skills. Try the two previous modes to familiarize yourself with them before attempting sniper shooting. The more accurate your shots are, the more points you get. The sniper position will change flexibly, giving you a lot of intriguing experiences in the shooting game.

How To Play

Aim with the mouse, then shoot with the left mouse click. Use the number keys to switch between different weapons. Every shot counts; choose your target carefully and attack from a distance!

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