Infinite Craft

Infinite Craft

Infinite Craft is an unlimited creative game that allows players to apply their natural understanding in virtual space. You will enter a primitive world with four core elements: fire, water, earth, and wind. Your experience in this game is to try to create everything possible by combining basic elements. This game has 60 elements and about 250 different combinations. Are you confident you can unlock all of them? Let's clarify more about this marvelous gameplay!

How To Play

Building Your Own World

Infinite Craft focuses on exploring natural phenomena and geography. If you're a passionate player in this field, this game is the perfect way for you to consolidate and test your knowledge. So what if you want to participate but don't know how to create new elements? No need to worry, because the number of tests is unlimited. To see the results, just try combining everything you can. Note that this combination also needs to be logically sound. For example:

  • A combination of many fires can form volcanoes.
  • A combination of many waters can form a sea.
  • A combination of volcanoes, sea, and land can form islands.
  • Steam and water can also form, as well as changing temperatures.

There are many other charming combinations that only you can discover. In case of being stuck, players can use search engines to look up. Don't be afraid to join communities of similar games to share and learn from more experienced players.


You just need to drag and drop the elements in the table on the right to the middle of the main screen or into other cells to combine. If you want to remove a cell, just drag it back to the table.

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