Bouncy Pro

Bouncy Pro

Bouncy Pro is an endless jumping game on adventurous paths with a series of towering platforms. During his journey, the adorable rabbit needs to find a safe landing spot to continue his adventure. Your task is to navigate the character through platforms without spikes and cracks to earn points. But don't let platforms that look easy make you optimistic. Each jump requires precision and acumen, as one incorrect jump can cause the bunny to fall into a deep hole. Every time you reach 100 levels, a new world will open with unique wallpapers and themes. This creates variety and appeal, making your experience never boring.

At the same time, during the adventure, you can meet protective circle buffs. When collecting them, the rabbit will become stronger, able to move without fear of being affected by surrounding dangers. Remember, the bunny's lives are limited, so use them wisely to overcome all challenges and create the highest score. Are you ready to dive in and discover how many worlds you can traverse in Bouncy Pro?

How To Play

Your character will automatically jump continuously. You need to quickly find the ideal stopping point to create jumping force on the next platforms. If your bunny slips, quickly search any stairs, including a small area next to spikes, as long as the character doesn't fall down.

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