Balls Tuxedo Balls Tuxedo

As you compete with numerous opponents in Balls Tuxedo, prepare your fast-running skills and skillful navigation. Collect balls of the same color as your character from the arena surface and build your ball bridge. Observe quickly, then move towards the ball position. Accuracy and timing are important to becoming the first to reach the finish line. The diverse color space brings exciting gameplay. The more balls you collect, the longer the bridge length. Complete the bridge at a fast speed to reach the finish line first.

Outstanding features

  • The game competes with many players from around the world, creating an exciting match.
  • Agility is the factor that helps the character collect balls and quickly complete the bridge construction.
  • Colorful 3D graphics create a bright and dynamic competitive space.

How To Play

Simply use the mouse to navigate to the locations and let the character run flexibly.

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