Stunt Car Extreme 2

Stunt Car Extreme 2

Plunge into the thrilling speed tracks of Stunt Car Extreme 2! Demonstrate your abilities on risky racing tracks across various levels. Is it easy to fulfill the mission challenge in one go?

Various challenging modes

  • In Sandbox mode: you can drive freely without a target and experiment with game dynamics and controls.
  • Career mode: There are ten different levels to finish. Getting to the end of these rounds before time runs out is necessary. This may appear simple, yet your path is fraught with traps. You should be aware of these traps and look for ways to avoid them at the appropriate moment.
  • GT mode: In this mode, the levels are slightly more demanding. The racetrack will be longer, giving you more time, but the obstacles will be considerably more tough.

How To Play

Unlock different automobiles and accelerate immediately!

  • Use the WASD keys to operate the vehicle.
  • Use the spacebar to apply the handbrake.
  • Use the F key to increase speed.
  • The C key allows you to change the camera perspective.
  • Hold down the G key to enter slow-motion mode.
  • Use the L key to turn on and off your car's lights.

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