Mini Golf Saga

Mini Golf Saga

Get exposed to the technique of accurately putting the ball into the hole in the fun and exciting Mini Golf Saga challenge. Calculate the right force, momentum, and direction to hit the ball in as few shots as possible. Immersive 3D mini golf game set on a sunny tropical beach. Complete eight increasingly difficult levels with mastery of golf skills. Challenge yourself to beat your own high score as you progress through increasingly difficult levels. Each hole is a new opportunity to show off your precision and finesse on the course.

How To Play

Mini Golf Saga offers an enjoyable experience for players of all skill levels. So grab your clubs, line up your swing, and embark on an adventure. Touch the ball and hold. Drag your mouse or finger away from the ball to set the direction and speed of your swing. Release to shoot the ball. Make sure the ball is within the boundaries of the field; otherwise, you will have to start all over again. 

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