Head Soccer 2024

Head Soccer 2024

The electrifying mood on the Head Soccer 2024 pitch is more intense than ever, thanks to the presence of notable players. Start by selecting a player and heading to the field. Concentrate on your best playing condition, and dominate your opponent with stunning scores. Head to the ball and dribble expertly to attack your opponent's goal. Lead the score before the match ends. Diverse competition types allow you to regularly entertain your friends. Display your dexterity by leading the ball through the defense and attacking the goal. Your victory will depend on the ideal balance of attack and defense. Demonstrate your ability now! Join the excitement of the new Euro season. The intriguing physics simulation game is now ready.

How To Play

In one-player mode:

Using the arrow keys, move the character. Using the Z/X keys, shoot the ball.

In two-player mode:

Player 1: 

  • Move around the field with WASD keys.
  • Shoot with the V/B keys.

Player 2: 

  • Use the arrow keys to go around the field.
  • Shoot using the K/L keys.

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