Geometry Dash Wave

Geometry Dash Wave

Geometry Dash Wave welcomes you to the challenge of complex and ever-dangerous terrain. You will maneuver a wave of extremely difficult gameplay in the Geometry Dash universe, going as far as possible. The challenges on this spectacular journey are countless. You will face steep slopes, spikes, floating blocks, narrow tunnels, and so on. Any segment can make players dizzy with its difficulty.

You can participate at three difficulty levels: normal, hard, and impossible. Note that the roads in Geometry Dash Wave do not always have open paths. There will be some pitfalls that cause you to hit a dead end and lose. To not get stuck in this problem, players need to pay attention to the arrow symbols. The direction of the arrow is the direction you can fly through. The pace of the round is extremely unpredictable, so players need to concentrate to make timely improvisations. Your score will only be saved when you break your own record.

How To Play

Your character will move in a zigzag pattern. You hold down the key to let the wave fly up diagonally. When you release your hand, the character will tend to go down diagonally. It can be seen that the time to hold and release the key is extremely important. Just a small mistake can cause a collision to occur and the round to end. You need to get used to it after a lot of practice because the map in each game is not the same. Good luck!

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