Minecraft - SkyBlock

Minecraft - SkyBlock

Explore Minecraft - SkyBlock space and survive in a block in the sky with very few resources. Players gain experience and skills in the art of survival in Minecraft. This game mode challenges players to develop and expand their own worlds using just basic elements. You will begin on a very small island floating in the air. There are a few trees and several useful things here. You will need to understand the fundamentals of Minecraft in order to effectively exploit resources and survive.


  • The survival element adds to the intensity of the game.
  • Create creative structures with limited materials to put your architectural talents to the test.
  • Figuring out how to use limited resources might be a challenge.

How To Play

  • Navigate to your floating island with the WASD or arrow keys. 
  • Using the mouse, scan your surroundings for hidden materials that can aid in your survival endeavors. 

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It is a lot of fun because you have to make smart decisions to survive for an extended period of time.

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