Boxing Gang Stars

Boxing Gang Stars

Unexpected fun awaits you at Boxing Gang Stars as you compete against your opponents online in the sport of boxing. Take advantage of your skills to fight quickly and proactively attack. Understand the rules of the field and give yourself an advantage. Exciting two-player genre with powerful punching moves. How long can you K.O. your opponent? Become a champion in this dynamic sport.

Attractive tactical gameplay

The game leads you to difficult challenges while thinking strategically and using combat skills. Throwing attacks need to be accurate to win points. During the match, defend and attack at the same time. Your opponent's moves will be difficult to predict, so react quickly. Sharp observation skills support you every time you attack your opponent. Master the arena and win now!

The graphics really bring more appeal to the game. You can easily get caught up in each 3D frame; they are like a living painting. Simple, intuitive controls are suitable for all types of players. Even if it's your first time playing, you can still have full control. An exciting puzzle challenge is ready for you to find new fun.

How To Play

  • Move characters with WASD keys or arrow keys.
  • Attack opponents through the F, G, and T keys.

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