Hobo Speedster

Hobo Speedster

Are racing aficionados ready to take on the intriguing two-dimensional platformer Hobo Speedster? With appropriate vehicle balance, you can conquer hard tracks alongside your opponents. There are several interesting levels ahead of you. Race across the hilly roads at full speed to be the first to cross the finish line. On hilly routes, be careful not to crash into obstructions or topple your automobile. Otherwise, you will be disqualified and automatically removed from the tournament.

How To Play

Remember to acquire gold coins, petrol tanks, and other useful objects to help you on your journey. Activate Nitro Boost to achieve maximum speed in seconds and remain ahead. Overcome the distance in record time and take the top spot in the rankings. You can use the money you earn from winning races to update the features on your bike.


  • Increase your rank to gain access to more cool bikes. 
  • Complete missions and challenges to receive additional goodies!
  • Move through the left and right keys, or the two AD keys.
  • Press the space key to activate Nitro.
  • Left-click to interact.

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