Crime Theft Gangster Paradise

Crime Theft Gangster Paradise

Crime Theft Gangster Paradise is ready for epic battles. Prepare your skills and weapons, then enter the terrain region! Attractive action game set in the glamorous world of Las Vegas. Play as a gangster, conquering the city and accumulating money. With spectacular vehicle chases, each mission leads you further into this exhilarating world of power and luxury.

How To Play

Navigate the city by controlling your thug with basic motion controls. The game blends gun mechanics for combat missions with driving controls for high-speed pursuits. Completing several objectives, each with its own unique reward, allows you to make progress.


  • A vivid open-world recreation of Las Vegas city life.
  • A selection of weaponry for intense warfare.
  • A diverse selection of beautiful clothing and unusual cars.
  • Daring missions test your shooting, driving, and strategic skills.

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