Bullet Bill Barrage

Bullet Bill Barrage

Bullet Bill Barrage, every moment requires your absolute concentration and fighting skills! This game combines survival gameplay and item collection, giving players a fascinating and challenging experience. You will play the role of Mario, a brave hero, ready to face all difficulties. Your goal is to avoid the onslaught of bullets fired from both sides. Only a small amount of ground and a hanging platform can help you avoid these dangers. However, your Mario not only knows how to dodge but can also jump on bullets to eliminate them. You will need to operate the keys at super-fast speed to perform this move accurately and safely.

In Bullet Bill Barrage, collecting coins is not only a part of the game but also an important and indispensable task. You will only have three collisions, equivalent to three character lives. This is your only supply of lives in the race, and you need to make good use of them to overcome all challenges in the most optimal way. Never be lax; a little delay can put you at risk and regrettably cause you to lose your life.

How To Play

Players can control Mario by using the arrow keys:

  • UP arrow: jump up
  • LEFT arrow: left
  • RIGHT arrow: go right

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