Burger Clicker

Burger Clicker

In Burger Clicker, your path to becoming the richest is paved with clicks, upgrades, and strategic recruitment. Click your way to success as you build a burger empire beyond your wildest dreams. The beauty of Burger Clicker lies in its simplicity. The gameplay is mostly self-explanatory, ensuring that you can join in the fun without any hassle. Click, upgrade, and recruit with ease as you embark on your burger-making adventure.

Developed by the creative minds of Acs6Eli, this clicker game promises a thrilling journey of clicking, upgrading, and recruiting that will test your spirit. Acs6Eli created Burger Clicker with the perfect combination of simplicity and excitement. This game is more than just clicking on burgers; it's a journey towards burger millionaire status. With unique features like interface customization and detailed statistics, this game ensures a fun and engaging clicking experience. How fast can you level up and become the ultimate billionaire tycoon? Dive into Burger Clicker now and discover the secrets of the burger business!

Navigation buttons:

  • Shopping (leftmost button): Buy upgrades that will take your burger business to the next level.
  • Owned Skins (Middle Left Button): Access your own skins by purchasing skin packs. Click on the different types of burgers to change the look of your burger.
  • Statistics (Middle Right Button): Track your progress with detailed statistics, including how many burgers you're making and how long you're playing the game.
  • Options (Right Button): Customize your gaming experience by switching music and graphics and resetting your progress. Explore fancy cloud-like graphics and animations that enhance your clicking experience.
  • Note: Play time is measured in seconds.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse or touch the screen.

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