Car Racing 3D Drive Mad

Car Racing 3D Drive Mad

Let's watch the thrilling racing clash between you and your opponents on a road full of traps in Car Racing 3D Drive Mad. Successfully navigate the turns and successfully lead the race. Realistic 3D simulation of realistic vehicle control operations. Proficient in changing directions so that the vehicle does not collide with obstacles and lanes. Speed and skill are the keys to bringing players towards a final victory. Is it easy to defeat your opponent? Sit in the car and drive professionally now!

Outstanding features

  • Diverse race map designs have different challenges, such as turns, obstacles, or opponents.
  • Practice your car control skills and become a master of the exciting action game genre.
  • You can upgrade your vehicles to participate in more challenging routes.

How To Play

Control the vehicle to navigate successfully so as not to collide with any objects. Prove your abilities and rise to the top position on the racing journey. Move the car at maximum speed to overcome a series of opponents on the journey. Many diverse routes are worth practicing your skills on.

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