Chicken Jumper

Chicken Jumper

Chicken Jump is a casual game that has a combination of skill games, animal games, and survival games. In this gravity game, you will control a chicken, avoid obstacles, and run and jump on blocks. Every time you jump off a block, it will be destroyed. When you reach the last block of land, you have won. Be careful when jumping; don't fall off the blocks; you will lose.
This game is designed in an attractive minimalist style, but don't let its simplicity fool you. There are diamonds to collect, high scores to break and a whopping twelve levels to conquer. Each level opens up new terrain and obstacles, making this one of the most engaging animal games available.
Are you looking for a skill-training game? Try playing Chicken Jump and become the best player. Start now!


How To Play

  • Use the mouse or touch to jump left or right.

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