5 is a multiplayer game where you can enjoy socializing with other players online. Created by O2009H, this game takes you into a sweet world where you can join the cookie race and become the king of the cookie world! is a multiplayer game where you can see other players if they are online. Don't worry about getting your cookies or yourself eaten, though, as the game focuses on gathering and growing instead of massacre! Use your mouse to control your character and collect delicious cookies, or use bomb cookies to increase their size. Show off your ingenuity to become bigger and stronger. Upgrade your level to get more size per cookie. When you reach enough size, you can regenerate, renewing the level and size, but at the same time, you will receive valuable tokens. Use tokens to upgrade skills, including size per cookie, token per reincarnation, and movement speed. For 50 tokens, you can own an awesome crown, giving you a x10 multiplier. Achieve the crown and become the king of the world!

Take part in this sweet adventure, show your ingenuity, and win your unlimited cookie race!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to move.

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