Escape Room!

Escape Room!

Escape Room! is a fun puzzle game where you and your team will be trapped in a mysterious classroom. Your mission is to find a way out of there within the time limit. Each room has a unique and mysterious design. Empty classrooms, dark warehouses, creepy laboratories, and more await you!

You will need to explore every corner of the room to find clues and try to decode them. Each round of play only lasts ten minutes. To escape this strange school, you need to conquer seven rooms. Each round will have only one puzzle to solve. Everything in the Escape Room! can hide a secret. Players should maximize interaction with the in-game environment to be able to reveal the most subtle hints. In case you are too stuck, you can use the Hint feature. However, the first time you use it, 20 seconds will be deducted from the total time specified. Moreover, Hint will only provide one suggestion regardless of the number of times you open it.

How To Play

Numerous interactive objects will appear in each room. You can use the mouse to do all operations in this virtual world. Pay attention to hidden corners so you don't miss any valuable clues. Then, use your best analytical skills to combine hints and escape. Good luck!

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