Fall Guys Runner!

Fall Guys Runner!

Put your jumping skills to the ultimate test with Fall Guys Runner! In this game, your role is to take control of a Fall Guy, who is running constantly on a track full of obstacles along with countless other Fall Guys! Based on the game Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout!, expect the game to be just as hectic as the original game, except for the fact that you can knock off as many Fall Guys as you can!

Fall Guys Runner! is an endless runner game created by Castle_Hippopotamus. The main goal of players is to keep the Fall Guy running on the platform for as long as possible by helping him dodge the incoming obstacles. In addition, there are countless other Fall Guys running alongside him. To gain extra points, you can bump off the platform! What’s more, players receive an extra life for 10 bumped Fall Guys!

How To Play

  • Control the Fall Guy with the arrow keys.



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