Fall Guys - Part 2

Fall Guys - Part 2

Welcome to the world of adorable little beans in Fall Guys - Part 2. Following the success of part 1, the publisher of Fall Guys has released Fall Guys - Part 2 with a medieval theme.

Starting the game, you will play a character shaped like a lovely little bean. You can choose your own colors. To start the game, you will enter a waiting round and start the game with 60 players. You will move around a three-dimensional playground with a medieval setting. Make moves like jumping, grabbing, or diving to play. The passing condition to play the next rounds is to complete each randomly selected mini-game. In mini-games, obstacles will appear around the map to increase the difficulty for the player. Players who are too slow or cannot complete the requirements will be eliminated. The number of players remaining after each round will gradually decrease. In the final round, the few remaining players will compete in the finals in a randomized mini-game designed with a smaller player size in mind. The winner is the last surviving player. Players can use currency to buy costumes, such as clothes, accessories, etc., to create their own character's personality. When completing matches, players will receive Kudos, and when winning, they will receive Crowns.

Fall Guys - Part 2 is a survival game with adorable character designs that make it hard for those who love small creatures to miss. With competitive gameplay but still a team spirit, this game has become one of the hottest games. What are you waiting for to join the medieval survival battle with this game? Start the battle now!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse and keyboard to play.

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