Fall of Swords

Fall of Swords

Fall of Swords is an online adventure game that takes you into a fairy tale world. In Fall of Swords, King Thomas is imprisoned in the castle, and his life is threatened by blades. Become a knight and rescue the King from danger. Three columns will appear on the screen, and on each column will appear sharp blades. Your mission is to help him avoid the blades. Pay attention to the speed of the blades; they are very fast and very dangerous. Every time the King moves, he can only move in a certain direction. So please observe and calculate the speed of the blades to ensure he is not hit by the blades. Once the King is hit by the falling blade, he will die, and your mission will fail. Get ready to join the journey to rescue the king and adventure in the fairy tale world with Fall of Swords.


How To Play

  • Use the keyboard and mouse.

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