Red Moon

Red Moon

Red Moon is a novel hack-and-slash action game that uses a dark art direction, which makes this game different and novel. Your goal is to defeat the king sitting on the throne and claim the crown for yourself. Take advantage of the darkness, sneak in, and use all your skills to slash the king. Be careful! In the dark there are many traps, and you must use all your skills to avoid obstacles and defeat the king. You will see a red bar displaying your health and a blue bar displaying your strength. Observe them act before you run out of strength.

This game is built on a storyline about the legendary Red Samurai. You will play the role of a red samurai and take on the task of killing the king. Legend has it that when the moon is covered by the earth's shadow, the red moon period will begin. This was the time when the red samurai reached their maximum power. So the red samurai will sneak into the darkness, use their skills, and defeat the king. The battles are very intense, so you have to focus on using all your skills.

Red Moon uses very attractive silhouette art, uses animations, and the characters are also not pixelated. The use of shadow art and background music creates magic, thrills, and appeal for players.

Are you ready to join the red samurai to overthrow the throne? Play now!

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Use the Z key to attack.

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