Flappy Mario

Flappy Mario

Welcome to the pixel world of Flappy Mario, where the legendary plumber will take on a new challenge! Get ready to click those buttons and dive into a nostalgic yet fresh adventure.

In this game, navigate through obstacles, aim for high scores by clicking buttons, and master the art of timing. It's no longer just about jumping through pipes; it's about guiding Mario through a series of challenges that will test your reflexes to the ultimate. Whether you're using the keyboard or a mouse, the controls are simple and intuitive. Click those buttons and get ready for some serious button-mashing action! And when you're ready to check your progress, hit the rating button. See how you compare to your previous scores and get motivated to fly even higher. Don't forget, the spacebar isn't just for jumping; it's also Mario's tail-wagging tool in this adventure. Click or tap to let Mario gracefully wag his tail, helping him navigate obstacles and avoid those pesky pipes. Wondering how you did on previous attempts? Click the rating button to reveal your past scores. Use the spacebar to exit the score list easily and return to the game.

This fun and challenging game was created by the talented ScratchU8. Get ready to experience the excitement of Flappy Mario—a combination of classic game nostalgia and a fresh challenge. Click those buttons, flap that tail, and start a journey that will keep you hooked for more!

How To Play

  • Use the spacebar or click.

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