Gate Rusher Online

Gate Rusher Online

Let's take on the challenge of being quick with our eyes and hands when controlling the ball to move through the gates in Gate Rusher Online. The challenge is really simple but suitable for everyday entertainment. Anyone can easily take on the challenge. It is like a game that trains logical thinking to make correct color matches. The farther the ball moves, the more difficult the challenge will be. Obstacles add excitement to each mission. Navigate through portals and unlock more diverse maps.

Outstanding features

  • The game has simple gameplay and is suitable for all players of all ages for entertainment.
  • Match the correct ball through the portals to reach the far reaches and unlock other exciting challenges.
  • Simple, optimal graphic design with single colors and not too many complicated details.

How To Play

Moving from side to side is really flexible. Each path has many other gates and alternate arrangements. You need to be quick to find the right location and transplant successfully.

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