Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite is a jumping game where you have to use your own character to overcome geometric obstacles. Starting the game, you will see your character as a square block moving very fast, and in front are sharp obstacles. Your task is to control this square block to jump and jump, making sure it does not collide with any other geometric block. There are many levels in this game. You can start with the easiest. You can see that this game has simple gameplay, but it is not easy for you to win. If you are new, try to try it a few times to get used to the gameplay and rhythm before starting the game. Try to overcome all challenges and become the best.

Geometry Dash Lite is released by HodeiRub06. This game is a more compact version of the original Geometry Dash game. However, its game experience is no worse than the original. Along with vibrant background music and fast-paced gameplay, Geometry Dash Lite promises to be an addictive game that you can hardly forget. Let's start the challenging and dangerous journey in this game!

How To Play

There are many ways to control the character: use the upper arrow key, W key, space bar, or click on the screen to make the character jump.

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