Geometry Dash Scratch

Geometry Dash Scratch

Geometry Dash Scratch is a fun rhythm game inspired by the popular game Geometry Dash. Players will participate in the adventure by moving blocks around the map with rhythmic and lively moves. You will face a series of dangerous obstacles, such as sharp nails, saw blades, and even moving obstacles. Challenge yourself with quick reflexes and control to get through the game with minimal effort!

This game was created by griffpatch, who is widely known as the most famous geometry game publisher. The three rounds in Geometry Dash Scratch have identical terrain to the original version. The essence of this game is to create a free version so that every gamer can join the challenge. In addition, players can also customize some special effects. Different from the original game version, Geometry Dash Scratch allows players to use the up arrow button. These control keys all have the same function. Players can customize the gaming experience to their liking. Blocks in Geometry Dash Scratch will also have their own automatic movements in addition to your control commands, and you cannot control the speed of this object's movement. Therefore, it is important that you focus and synchronize the command button correctly.

How To Play

  • The player can control the cube by mouse input, using the spacebar, or pressing the up arrow key.

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