Geometry (Spooky) Dash

Geometry (Spooky) Dash

Welcome to Geometry (Spooky) Dash, a unique and creepy version of the classic game Geometry Dash! This game is a unique recreation of the Geometry Dash game we are familiar with, with a mysterious and creepy setting. You will enter a scary Halloween world with many dangerous traps. In this version, instead of moving a familiar square block, you will move a spooky pumpkin. Your task is to control the pumpkin, avoid traps along the way, and collect stars. Challenging and exciting levels will take you to mysterious and scary locations. Use your skills to overcome all obstacles and collect hidden coins to unlock secret content. Going through risky levels, you need concentration and quick reactions to successfully pass. Are you brave enough to face the dark challenges and complete every level? Get started now and experience the thrill and drama of the Geometry (Spooky) Dash!

How To Play

  • Press any key or touch the screen to jump.
  • Avoid hitting spikes and walls.
  • Try to find all the hidden coins.
  • Reach the end of the level to win!

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