Grasslands invites you on a breathtaking cube journey through dangerous platforms. You will embark on an adventurous journey with a small cube, going through dangerous platforms in lush, mountainous areas. Each level in Grasslands will introduce new experiences, with the appearance of spikes, lava and other troublesome objects. You will have to use your character's jumping skills to overcome them, and at the same time, keep your character in contact with the ground or jumping pad to avoid falling. With your flexible jumping ability and delicate maneuvers, your character will overcome all challenges. Or, you can try again endlessly until you find a winning strategy.

How To Play

You control the character with the arrow keys. Note that key combinations in Grasslands are extremely important. Each alignment and key operation requires absolute precision. The tightness of the obstacles will cause the safe range to be extremely narrow. Can you conquer these difficult levels?

Explore some unique features

  • Adventure gameplay combined with thrilling jumps.
  • Sharp graphics with meticulous map design that gradually becomes more complex with difficulty.
  • You can replay a level multiple times until you pass it.
  • Exciting music stimulates the spirit of adventure and enthusiasm.
  • Some interludes interspersed with good luck wishes.\

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