Idle Desert Life

Idle Desert Life

Idle Desert Life is an exciting base game that gives you a unique adventure and building experience in a mystical desert world. Prepare for great adventure as you build vehicles, rescue survivors, expand your team, and rebuild urban civilization!

In this game, you will begin your journey by building a ship, crossing the desert to explore new continents and discover different civilizations. You need to work hard to craft your vehicle, gather resources, and build rafts to unlock special memories on your journey. Take advantage of the benefits of cooperation and grow your team of sand pirates! Now it's time to start collecting wood and assembling parts! To enter the desert, click on the box the arrow points to and then click the build button. You can sort your priorities and look through the available building options in this menu. To increase your income, collect wood from dogs and complete quests. By enhancing your weapons, adding items to your ship, adding a second deck, and getting your desert vehicle ready for battle, you can unlock new parts. To get more wood for your inventory or gems that can be used to open treasure chests, you can also watch brief ads. Either skip the night or set up a torch to increase productivity and speed up the story.

Start your adventure now and experience the thrill of building, exploring and recreating civilization in Idle Desert Life!

How To Play

  • Start your adventure by clicking on the box with the arrow pointing at it, then clicking on the build button to explore the desert and build a raft.
  • Collect wood from resources and complete quests to earn more money.
  • Unlock new parts by adding items to your ship, build new floors, improve weapons, and prepare desert vehicles for challenging adventures.
  • Use gems to unlock treasure chests and upgrade your team.

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