Kitty Cat Dungeons

Kitty Cat Dungeons

Welcome to Kitty Cat's adventures in Kitty Cat Dungeons! If you are a lover of the cute pink Kitty cat, you will probably be interested in this new version of Kitty. In this game, Kitty will have a new look - a mysterious black color. However, black does not make it ugly and creepy; it makes it more attractive than ever. During this expedition, Black Kitty will enter a mysterious ancient tomb. Its mission is to explore all the rooms here. Each room will contain a treasure chest; help Kitty collect it. And don't forget to be careful, because there are many people stalking Kitty in the dark. Destroy them to claim the treasure chest! Remember, you only have three reincarnations, so be very careful.

Kitty Cat Dungeons brings you to an extremely attractive adventure world in a pixel game appearance. Along with background music and an engaging storyline, this game takes you into an exciting world of adventure. Let's start exploring the catacombs with Kitty now!

How To Play

  • Press WASD to move.
  • Click to attack.
  • Press E to power up.
  • Press 1-2 to swap weapons.

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