Merge Fruit

Merge Fruit

Merge Fruit is a fruit-matching game inspired by the famous Japanese game Suika. The game is built based on the principles of the traditional 2048 game combined with the graphics and gameplay of the Suika series to bring players great experiences. This is a simple puzzle game, but it has caused a storm because of its addictive level. This game has a very simple principle: match similar fruits until they reach the highest level, the yellow watermelon. Unlike 2048, in this game, players can choose where they fall rather than following a fixed position. The round fruits work in the manner of a rolling ball; they can fall down when there is an impact from above. When two similar fruits touch each other, they will combine to form a larger fruit. When the fruits line up high enough to cover the entire board, you lose. Therefore, moves must be planned strategically to maximize scores and clear the table effectively. Are you ready to immerse yourself in the world of fruits in Merge Fruit? Let's start now!

How To Play

  • PC: Use the mouse to determine the location of the falling fruit.
  • Mobile: Swipe and touch the screen to move the fruits.

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