Night Light

Night Light

Welcome gamers to Night Light, the wonderful adventure that awaits you in a world full of mystery and intrigue! You will play the role of a brave explorer, ready to explore every corner to find the secrets of light and darkness. The character's hand flashlight is the only light that can illuminate the terrain. Your mission is to explore and find vents. There are countless objects that accidentally hinder you on this journey. Try to find a way to solve all the puzzles in order to pass the level.

The interesting features

  • Attractive exploration gameplay with a suspenseful atmosphere. You will not be able to predict what you will face in the darkness.
  • Explore closed rooms with a small scope but many complex challenges.
  • Use your intelligence and skills to overcome challenges and progress further in.

How To Play

In Night Light, you will maneuver your adventurer to move around in search of vents. Everywhere can be a target point, so don't miss any corners. Don't let the encroachment of darkness make you tremble. Except for inanimate objects, you won't need to worry about whether there are any enemies or not. The only goal is to clear the terrain with bulky objects and reach the destination.


You use the arrow keys to navigate the main character and press the spacebar when the adventurer stands on the vent and runs away.

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