Nightshade Archary

Nightshade Archary

Explore the mysterious world of darkness and find the key to opening the door out in Nightshade Archary. Play as skilled archers, moving through a variety of dark and mysterious environments. Use your archery skills to overcome obstacles and challenges. Jump to higher positions with the help of the arrows you shoot. Each level is a thrilling challenge, filled with intriguing puzzles that protect the key to the next stage.


There will be all kinds of obstacles in front of you that you need to overcome. Jump up, or stick an arrow in the mouse to gain momentum for a higher jump. You can only insert two arrows into the wall simultaneously. Avoid colliding with different enemies or monsters along the way. Move through a variety of haunting landscapes, from ancient ruins to dense forests.

How To Play

  • Aim your bow by dragging your finger across the screen to adjust the trajectory of the shot.
  • Release your finger to release the arrow and hit the target accurately.
  • Click to use arrow shooting.
  • Left and right arrows direct the character's movement and action.

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