Noob Chicken Farm Tycoon

Noob Chicken Farm Tycoon

Begin Noob's funny and creative adventure in managing a unique chicken farm. Help Noob breed and upgrade chickens, buy useful tools for the farm, and even change the appearance of the chickens with strange masks like Noob, zombie, demon, cat, and more. You could even convert your chickens into a Skibidi toilet that makes toilet paper instead of eggs, or buy a dinosaur. Its eggs are bigger and more expensive to sell!

This game promises to be an exciting adventure where you will find enjoyment in assisting Noob in managing the chicken farm. From breeding and upgrading chickens to purchasing important tools, you'll experience the challenges and joys of building a thriving farm. Build your farm in a variety of locations, from peaceful forests and vibrant coastlines to fiery hell. You will have to protect your chickens from smart fox attacks by purchasing guard dogs and even odd objects.

Noob Chicken Farm Tycoon is not just an ordinary farm-building game but also a strange adventure that takes you to discover many new and interesting things. Join this exciting adventure now!

How To Play

  • Start with a few chickens and gradually upgrade them to increase performance and profits.
  • Earn money from selling eggs and use that money to buy more chickens, tools, and protection.
  • Expand your chicken team and use unique items like the Skibidi Toilet or change into dinosaur chickens to increase egg value.
  • Level up and unlock new locations for more exciting experiences.


  • Strategy is important: prioritize purchasing efficiency tools to increase output.
  • Protect your chickens by buying dogs to protect against fox attacks.
  • Upgrade your team by purchasing unique components and items.
  • Don't forget that dinosaur eggs have greater value and are a good source of income.

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